The Initial Planning

“Life moves when the two wheels move, a thought straight from the Heart” It was raining outside on 7th Of July 2016; I went to my Parking lot and Saw my Steed Standing there waiting to be unleashed. The new Kawasaki Versys 650, 15th in number in Hyderabad. The characteristics of the bike shout with … Continue reading The Initial Planning

Rain riding – India Specific

I see through the window, the rain drops leaving their mark, that smell of the wet mud which is refreshing and then a thought runs through your mind... Holy fuck I haven't packed my stuff to avoid it getting wet.  There has been instances where you feel just to cancel the ride tomorrow and start … Continue reading Rain riding – India Specific


I have been never into writing any blogs till date. The Blogs read by me would be mainly concentrated on the reviews of Bikes presented in different forum or Travel blogs related to destinations visited on two wheels. I am going to write anything that comes to my mind as of now. If u try … Continue reading A – START