Bogotha Waterfalls

Bogotha Waterfalls – ride date 12th November 2017

This is how you satisfy your adventure trip on a motorcycle. Motorcycle touring is what i love to do, read my stories on my blog

Kodachadri – Sayadri hills Range

Six people decide to wander a place which would be a good hangout. Normal discussion in the WhatsApp has now turned into a desperate piece of people who have the itch to ride, but to where is unknown. Normally a small group of general people meets and to plan for a ride and what happens … Continue reading Kodachadri – Sayadri hills Range


"Where should i go” these three words were continuously crossing in my mind. I needed a tour to be as big as my south India tour. Closed my eyes and pin pointed my fingers on the India map. To my surprise it was on Jaipur. “Padharo Maro desh” hahahah I knew from the start I … Continue reading #2ride2rajasthan

Year 2016

The 2016 year has been my favourite. I was able to travel many places in this small period of 12 months. It was by train, car, motorcycle, Aeroplane and on my foot. These trips have changed me and my way of dealing lot many things in Life. First trip was travel to London on October … Continue reading Year 2016

South India Trip – 3500 kms -Limits breached

The journey is a unique word which stores lots of memories, make new friends, Meet old friends, Living your life to full. As soon as it ends you start it missing already, start areas to explore and plan your next Journey. My journey has always made me stronger and more particular from inside. I was … Continue reading South India Trip – 3500 kms -Limits breached

The Death Pit,

I will not be able to share photos, But yesterday’s Ride made me realise how careless and Un-respectful we are. The day started with my usual Family work and continued till the evening so that after 4 long weeks, I could spend some time with my Motorcycle and ride it. I had personal commitments hence … Continue reading The Death Pit,