10 best ways to ride a motorcycle in India (City Specific)

  India is a lovely place and I like it because it gives you a lot to learn. It’s so diverse with people, culture, geography and climate that you tend to learn every time, everywhere. Indian National highways have always been one of the most talked about in every forum and how to ride on … Continue reading 10 best ways to ride a motorcycle in India (City Specific)

SWMPM Disease – I am warning you!!!

Yes it true, you do suffer from this SWMPM disease or you are an EDUCATED, fucking, retard, stupid dickhead, dumb turd. Well both are the same because if you talk about this disease, It’s spreading and is one of the major causes of deaths in our Country. This disease is named as Stuck With My … Continue reading SWMPM Disease – I am warning you!!!

The Phone Man – Road Rage

Today’s Ride to office was most disturbing for me personally. I have been a cautious rider always and follow rules meticulously. I also promote it by asking my colleagues and friends to follow basic traffic rules such as wear a basic helmet when you ride your two wheeler to work. The day started normally with … Continue reading The Phone Man – Road Rage

How to lift motorcycle

How to lift your Motorcycle like a Pro

That Billboard showing the Bhutan getways and day dreaming started, riding across those rough Scenic roads leading to Paro. And then came what I never thought of, A small imbalance due to Pothole with bike falling on left side with engine running and then shutting off. Somehow I saved my leg, Thanks to Dimotiv Crash Guard … Continue reading How to lift your Motorcycle like a Pro


Hot Sun, How to travel – India Specific.

“Wow, it’s a Sunny day” these words sound good in Countries like UK and Europe. The Weather conditions there are favourable for a ride out to unknown. But in India it would be HOT, more HOT, Holy fuck my head is now a roast HOT. A hot Sun normally brings in a lot of Sweating, … Continue reading Hot Sun, How to travel – India Specific.

Tackle crosswind motorcycling

India is huge with different type of weather conditions varying from east to west and south to north.  This writeup will focus on my challenge which I faced during my south India trip . I was doing approx 100 to 120 kmph on the NH7 between thriuender and Kanyakumari route. A sudden gush of wind … Continue reading Tackle crosswind motorcycling

GiantLoop Saddle Bag -USA review

The story starts here.https://giantloopmoto.com My initial plan was posted on the FB and I received a call from my buddy about my tour. He was super excited and recommended me to upgrade the luggage system which would easily take on the heavy rain showers which I was going to encounter during my south India ride. … Continue reading GiantLoop Saddle Bag -USA review