Stop, If you see the one infront of you is stopping

On a two wheeler its hardly difficult to block its way, and every time we squeeze through welcoming an Accident. This is how it goes, You are riding on the road and scan the elements around you continuously, Suddenly the car in front of you or in the second lane is trying to stop, You … Continue reading Stop, If you see the one infront of you is stopping

Short stories -24th May 2018 – Autorickshaw

Biological Alarm rings at 5:45 am and it starts, a warm water a glass full gulped, freshened up and I see my brother waking up to ask chai and today's words of discussion. I get ready and start my way by hitching a free ride to office. I got down at Raidurgam junction and hoped into an Indian … Continue reading Short stories -24th May 2018 – Autorickshaw

Bogotha Waterfalls

Bogotha Waterfalls – ride date 12th November 2017

This is how you satisfy your adventure trip on a motorcycle. Motorcycle touring is what i love to do, read my stories on my blog

Kodachadri – Sayadri hills Range

Six people decide to wander a place which would be a good hangout. Normal discussion in the WhatsApp has now turned into a desperate piece of people who have the itch to ride, but to where is unknown. Normally a small group of general people meets and to plan for a ride and what happens … Continue reading Kodachadri – Sayadri hills Range


"Where should i go” these three words were continuously crossing in my mind. I needed a tour to be as big as my south India tour. Closed my eyes and pin pointed my fingers on the India map. To my surprise it was on Jaipur. “Padharo Maro desh” hahahah I knew from the start I … Continue reading #2ride2rajasthan