Short Stories – 25th May 2018 – U-turn and fall

Biological Alarm rings at 7:30 am and it starts with a warm water of glass fully gulped, freshened up and I see my brother waking up to ask chai and today’s words of discussion.

“Two more days bro and I will start my 9:00 am to 6:00 pm cycle of life with more brakes of traffic” …..Sic…(he stays in Mumbai)

Today is Friday a very Special day, rather Every Friday is always special, I take my Kawasaki Versys 650 aka Roadinvader 2.0 to the office,

Filled with pride, shoulder upright, tummy tucked and a happy grin on my face I ride the Versys to reach office without the struggle. The eagerly waiting security guards specially Bittu is always there at the gate welcoming the Roadinvader 2.0 with all the eyes pleading to ride it and feel it.

I explain Bittu every Friday, “Sorry brother, it is my second wife, I can’t lend it” but those eyes do tell me that next Friday he will ask me this same question again.

I proceed to the parking lot, Park it and head to my desk for today’s task list. As I see the clock rushing today to its Party pop night in the evening I fire the ignition to start my way home with pride, shoulder upright, tummy tucked and a happy grin on my face.

Well, the emotion sometimes are just shortlived,

While taking a U-turn and within no time the motorcycle is on the ground and you are looking from the top thinking,

How the fuck did this motorcycle fall,

Now I will put down everything that happened step by step,

The fall,

  1. As I see the turn I want to take, I start slowing down the vehicle by reducing the throttle and applying front and rear brakes.
  2. I see the approaching turn and on my left, there is a car which is very near to my motorcycle.
  3. As I approach the U-turn I turn the Handlebar complete right till it locks, tilting the motorcycle to around 25 to 30 Deg from the top.
  4. I have my Left foot on the left Peg and Right foot right in the front to support the tilt.
  5. As I throttle out to U-turn I feel the Car snicked Crash Bar with his right end mirror.
  6. Small disbalance and the rear starts losing traction and starts moving to front sideways.
  7. I immediately cut down the throttle and let go of the motorcycle for the steady fall.
  8. I come out of the situation and see the motorcycle, (no photos as it was an intense situation) to gather courage over the embarrassment of the motorcycle falling over,


Full diagnostics,

Thoughts in the mind observing your body stature, running a full body diagnostics using hands and the results are,

  • No physical damage to the body,
  • Slight bruise in the right calf,
  • Heart pulsating more than normal,
  • Confused emotions.

The motorcycle falls towards the right which means you have the access to the Gear lever but not to brake lever. As I observe the motorcycle I see that from where I was coming in to take the road after the U-turn is at two different heights while the later is above the former. A clear view of this is, the lower road is connected to the upper road using an Incline of Cement filler. I also see a lot of loose gravel over the U-turn. I drag the motorcycle holding the rear wheel to take it out of the incline and come to steady ground. I realize, Its way easier to drag the motorcycle in mud than on cement.

The Lift,

  1. I approach the motorcycle and check the balance of it by placing my bum on the seat and trying to rock it.
  2. Feels Steady I engage the side stand and check the rear wheel to see if it’s in gear.
  3. I place my bum on the seat and grab the handlebar to make the front wheel look towards the ground or opposite to the sky.
  4. With my right Hand, I hold the grab rail.
  5. With my Legs on the right angle position and bum placed on the seat, I start slowing pushing the motorcycle up by moving myself backwards.
  6. the motorcycle is lifted and rested on the side stand.

Run the visual damage diagnostics on my motorcycle. no damage found except scratch marks on the crash bars.

I switch the key ignition to off Position and then to on position to check the fuel pump starting. Find not issues and I start my way back to home sweet home.

Moral of the story: Run the full diagnostics check of your body and motorcycle. Don’t be embarrassed.

Life moves when two wheels move



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