Bogotha Waterfalls – ride date 12th November 2017

The ride to go somewhere was itching me and due to family commitments, I had to be present in the home the same day.


I stay in Hyderabad, it’s a place where the geographical changes are minimum, you have hills at minimum 300 kms, water falls at 180 kms. So I sat down thinking what would my tour plan be for tomorrow. Various thoughts came to my mind and I fixed to go to a renowned waterfall in Warangal district that is Bogotha waterfalls,


Bogatha Waterfall - Khammam Image
Image from


I saw some pictures of the Bogotha water falls in the Google and it looked like India Niagara falls. The route is same till Laknavaram but you need to travel further ahead.. 50 kms to reach there.


I started at 5.00 am and was shown by Google maps on the estimated time of arrival was by 9.30 AM. The first 75 kms is double lane and then it turns out to horrendous dangerous single lane under making till Warangal. It is horrendous because the oncoming vehicles do not leave space for the two-wheelers and dangerously steer very near to you in that Narrow road under making till Warangal which takes approximate 3 hours of travel city and that is why I started so early to avoid these moments and crossed Warangal city by 8:30 AM

I had Dosa on the way to satisfy my empty growling stomach


From the city of temples to Bogotha waterfalls is simple Cruze in 80’s till you reach right which shows the way to bogotha waterfalls. Rupees 10 is the entry for the vehicle and 25  rupees per person. Pay at the gate and way you go inside the place to park your vehicle near the falls. It’s a walk of 200 meters from the parking and is handicap friendly.

So what do you see here is this,



The photos below were taken by Moto G4 plus and my handy gopro hero session.


The time spent there was 45 min the authorities there were not allowing me to check the nearby areas as it’s a restricted forest area.


One more view of Bogotha waterfalls.


Next was to plan my way back home using a different route. I normally follow the round route to reach home as it allows me to cover more kms and see other things lined in the route. and this is how it looked.


The plan looked nice and I took this route

After you are out from the Bogothá waterfalls and come on the main road you turn right to head your way to bhopalpatnam in Chattisgarh, enter Telangana thru Maharashtra i.e Kaleshwaram.

Bogota 2.PNG

As I started my journey the roads became narrow and no of villages on the roads started disappearing. After I did approx.. 20 kms I reach out to a mechanic to oil the chain via conventional way of putting oil in the chain and let it dry.

I did this as I knew that the chain looked dry and I was going to cover more than 500 kms today. The mechanic was quite helpful and told me and explained me about the complete route. He said

Then came a surprise, Roads ended and wide path with forest cover on both the sides started. It seemed that this would not be long but I had no one to ask along to where this ends. With a strong heart and commitment and sting feeling of want to do this stretch, I started my way.


The stance on the bike was standing as the pathways were no good and steering your bike was easy this way. There came a small town which was in ruins and it was building up piece by piece.


I got down and asked the person, How is the way till Bhopalpatnam, He Said “The Road are nowhere and more 35 kms is what you have to go”. They showed me the way!!!


The forest went onto be dense, there were diversions all through the way before reaching the point of crossing in Bhopalpatnam.


I cant add videos but Pictures will also make sense here.



Crossing Streams made like this!!!



Make shift bridges made for Winter and summer season. In rains you cannot cross!!!




I reached this city and now, I see one more challenge Kaleshwaram and BhopALPATNAM are divided by River Indravati, but there lies no bridge to connect the cities. A small Boat takes care of the Transfers.


You can check my complete video on youtube here

Bogotha4.pngAfter crossing the river i met Bharat a person who was going to Kaleshwaram , his home ton and was so fascinated by the motorcycle that he insisted me to take him to his hometown.


I could not say no to him and he being pillion we once again on the offroad started our journey to Kaleshwaram.

What did I Learn

  1. Patience is the key.
  2. Genius is not who knows answers to all Questions but Genius is who has patience to get answers to all questions.
  3. Every Road should be Explored gives you mew Experiences.

The river crossing gave me new threshold to take Risks , it also made me know more about my motorcycle. It seems so crazy but yes in feel this ride has opened a new self in me.


Life moves when two wheels move.

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