Kodachadri – Sayadri hills Range

Six people decide to wander a place which would be a good hangout. Normal discussion in the WhatsApp has now turned into a desperate piece of people who have the itch to ride, but to where is unknown.

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Normally a small group of general people meets and to plan for a ride and what happens at the end is 99% of the people back out and then there lies one soul left to wander off to that destination. But this time he too thinks to back out as his family thinks its waste to go alone to be a Wanderlust.

Weeks go by, I receive a call from my friend DP, let’s take a leave on Dec 1, which would give us three days of a leisure ride.

Leaves were approved and we were 7 people who turned out successful for the ride.

  • Ashish hedge (myself) on a Versys 650
  • Ishaan vashishta (my bro) on a KTM Duke 390
  • Durga Prasad (DP) on a Kawasaki Z800
  • Avinash Pandey on a Versys 650
  • Sahil Yamaha FZ25
  • Arpan Bose Kawasaki Ninja 650
  • Haseeb Khan Triumph Triumph Speed triple

It was decided to meet at Airport flyover at 5.30 AM on the Bangalore Highway 5.30 am as we Had to ride 795  kms one way which would take approximate 14 hours.

At the Airport Flyover

The route was decided from Hyderabad we will push till Anathapur ->Challakere ->Shimogga ->Kodachadri.

route 1

We had taken our first break after crossing the second toll near Kurnool at 7.45 am at a Dhaba called Taj Palace. Decent and there were no crowds to bother the motorcycles while we were having our breakfast.

Pic credits Avinash pandey

We had Dosa’s, idli’s and Wada’s to make it heavy so that our next break should be directly an early lunch. We discussed our route and decided to stop at the Iskon temple as our exit to the AH 43 highway.


As we had covered the first half of 390 km in 5 hours we were expecting to reach Kodachadri by evening. All the plans that made went haywire when roads from Anantapur to Challakere was covered very slowly.


We were traveling in smaller sections of the roads into smaller towns to villages with no roads. There were absolutely no roads and this went on till 3.00 pm and when we looked back we had covered 110 kms only in last 3.5 hours. We were proceeding at snail space and one of our riders, Avinash having throat infection making him worse by the time he was going to reach Kodachadri.

We had a funny event here where a group of police officers were doing their Check and stopped us. They were so fascinated by the motorcycles that they started checking out out motorcycles instead of Vehicle papers.

We were riding continuously from towns to natives till we reached Challekere by 4.00 pm. everybody was exhausted and we decided to have our lunch. It was usual Egg bhurjee and Dal


We had our lunch where a marrige was taking place and we saw this!!


We started our journey full stomach to take our next chai break at Shimoga which we reached at 7.00 pm.

Kodachadri was still 90 kms ETA 10.30 pm.

Simha farms were our chosen stay option which was booked well in advance two rooms two nights 12000 including breakfast. Please find details of the stay below

Find us at

Simha Farms, Madodi, Hosanagar, Shimoga, Karnataka-577452


Call us at: +91 9449652173 and +91 8185253738

Everybody was dead tired and Aditya from Simha farms was kind enough to keep the delicious dinner ready. The dinner was authentic Karnataka cuisine and the tired riders just loved it. After having the meal everybody pushed off to their rooms for a good night sleep.

We had one day to spend in Kodachadri and there are many places to visit

  • Hiddlumane waterfalls
  • Kodachadri peak (lovely place of camping)
  • Arasinhagundi Waterfalls

I had other things in mind and just wandered off to explore the areas in Kodachadri, I was accompanied by other three fellow riders Arpan, Ishaan, and Sahil. We reached a point called as Kottemane Hole,



In Kottemane Hole In Kannada means Water stream and I knew if we were able to Trek here we will be able to find some species lonely streams and peace.

We were four like-minded people who wandered off and started our Trek, It was dense very dense, we really had to watch every step to ensure we do not step on to a snake.


There were trees fallen, shred leaves, water droplets dancing on the leaves. The scene was lovely you just need to go there to experience it. Words do no justice



We wandered till 2.00 pm and started our way back to our Stay in Simha farms. As the lunch was being served and the BANGALORE VERSYS group reached. Avi, Haseeb, and DP had too wandered to some other place and reached for lunch at the same time.



The Bakar session went on till 4.00 pm and BANGALORE VERSYS group decided to leave back to where they had come from. Add to this our jeep to conquer KODACHADRI PEAK had arrived. Myself, Ishaan, and Sahil decided to do this peak on our motorcycle.

IMG-20171204-WA0009.jpgWe went off and reached the gate from where the ascent begins. The ascent is through a restricted forest area and the roads are carved out with boulders and loose mud. The difficulty rating is three out of five to do this stretch. The gradient is steep and lose rocks make it difficult.


The Versys has its first fall on a hairpin bend and my mirror broke. Thanks to our fellow riders who were in the jeep, they quickly slipped out and lifted my motorcycle. I started my journey to ascend the peak and after 6 hairpin bends, I decided not to take further as it would be foolish to bring this heavyweight downhill in pitch dark.

I hopped into the jeep but then a flash in my mind that Sahil had already gone. After few turns, we saw Sahil waiting for the two motorcycles but was surprised to see us in the jeep. I said to Sahil, don’t lose you can do ‘tis stretch and we are there with you. We asked him to follow us and we started filming him.

There is additional 900 mtr approx. approx. climb to the peak. We all reached took selfies timelapse of the SunSet and we started over way back to our stay.

The most horrible thing happened. Sahil fell and hurt his palm in the fall, I took over and did the remaining descend to where we had parked our bikes. I learned a few things

  • Look first choose the best path and take it
  • Be slow and patient
  • One turn by turn
  • Go to the far end Right if you are taking a left hairpin bend and then steer to your left. You will come out Successfully. Same case for right hairpin bend
  • Leave the handlebar light, Don’t grip them tightly, the bike will steer itself to traction and lead the way
  • Do Kodachadri peak accent and decent in broad daylight. Never do it at night
  • Last Bhagwankanaam Lo

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We had finished by 8.30 pm and reached our Stay at 9.00 PM. Finished our dinners and headed back to rooms for a good night sleep.

Planning was done for return and we started our journey back to Hyderabad at 8.00 am.


Route 2.PNG

We had split into two groups Avi Haseeb and DP and the second group myself, Ishaan, Arpan, and Sahil.

We celebrated Arpan Bose happy Birthday in a Dhaba by shouting birthday jingles. It was a Great ride.


We reached home by 2.00 am covering 1518 Kms.


Lite moves when two wheels move.

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Youtube Video Part 1

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