Year 2016

The 2016 year has been my favourite. I was able to travel many places in this small period of 12 months. It was by train, car, motorcycle, Aeroplane and on my foot.

These trips have changed me and my way of dealing lot many things in Life.

First trip was travel to London on October 11, 2015. The biggest decision of my life. Left my job on Oct 8th, Applied for visa by then, Oct 10th, Gave my house for rent, and i was off to London with my wife and kid to take new challenges in life towards being a meaning full father probably. The meaning of being a meaning full father is when your son comes to you when he cries, when he wants to sleep, chooses your Lap instead of Mom (common scenario), spends enough time with DAD more than MOM. This thinking may be wrong for others but i though i should share this with you guys.

London, Father, New challenges
Welcome to London
london, india,
My new World in new Country

The journey to United Kingdom was very exciting. I knew i would be able to visit many places in UK which are known to the world but unknown to me.

I always thought being a father is OK, but what would it be to take care of my kid whole day, understand him kid who does not speak clearly, All these questions used to always haunt me in my mind every morning.

Father, Kid, Relationships
Me and Vihann off to walk to see some ducks

10 days had passed baby sitting my child, I started to understand the way he reacts, communicates and his timetable to do things. Every morning was a challenge. A view from father’s eyes is here

  1. Vihaan used to get up in the morning by 8.15 am daily. First thing was he wanted hug, play on the bed with sounds of Lion and then encourage him to brush his teeth as every imaginary animal has gone to the bathroom for brushing.
  2. We both used to sit together and have corn flakes from Monday to Friday divided for Fruits, Dry fruits, vegetables, marshmallows etc. I had now experience of preparing cornflakes in 10 different ways to suit him.
  3. Then we both used to go and take bath and get ready for our first troll to nearby Forbury garden. We used to finish our walk by 12.00 PM to come back to our apartment as it was his time to sleep and i used to start searching for jobs on internet.
  4. His sleep used to be for 2 Hours minimum and i used to wake him up by 2.00 pm to have lunch.
    Father, makemeroti,
    Learnt to make rotis by myself.

    5. After lunch, we used to straight away go to the nearby Caversham Park which Vihaan used to love it. By 5.30 it used to get night and Vihaan exhausted , we used to come back and start preparing to welcome our very fond mummy.

houseofflavours, reading,
At House of Flavours

5. The Evening used to go around in Playing with his toys and me and Noopur engaging in discussion over my Job and other bigger interests as to where to roam.

Our Weekend Hangouts in Reading, Berkshire were, House of Flavours, Papppadams, Chennai Dosa, Burger King, Zizzi, Starbucks coffee and Girafee.

Ohh I did not mention about our stay, We stayed in this wonderful apartment by name House of Fisher @ 100 Kings road. A very beautiful place with a view of River Kennet flowing at opposite.

Image result for 100 kings road house of fisher
100 kings road, House of Fisher.

People Travelling to Reading should make their stay here. This place is very near to City Centre, Railway Station, Major Bus stops and other major Parks. There is also a Gym (BUZZ gym) under it and and a Pub open till 2.00 am every night. So an apt place for stay and to drink and walk like a drunkard home. I give all 5 stars to their management to keep the rooms clean, good and Accessories that we get with room are also under superb condition and well maintained. Three Cheers to Nandor, Phillip, Monica, Cristina, Kamil and all the people working with House of Fisher. Three Cheers to these guys.The Christmas, New year and All the festivals that we celebrated with them made us feel at home and they ensured every service at par.

As i announced my arrival in London, I was able to meet my two long lost friends.

First – Mr Ashwini Chirania. A Simple heart and a superb person. He called me and one shout for meet he was ready (as i did not have anything to do). We walked the streets of London and tried 8 Different beers in 8 different pubs. What a meet it was and the streets of London are the actual things to look out.

Me with Ashwini Chirania in 405 years Old Pub.

Prabul Chandran and His wife Radhika Prabul – The second person that i met. We had met in a Motorcycle meet in 2008/2009 probably. This was the second time. It was like i had been in constant touch with him. A true friend and a gem of a heart. We were invited umpteen number of times to have Pakodas, Sambhar and what all. I was lucky to have him there in UK else the stay in UK would have been lonely and boring.

The first new of JOB which i got after getting my National Insurance Number was from TESCO. It was a job of an Online shopper. I used to assist people in their Online shopping. Because of Tesco I was able to meet a very good person named Jesus Strasus. He helped me understand the job and later on i don’t know how many times we sat in local pubs and enjoyed beers.

Celebrating His birthday at THE WILD LIME

The TESCO job was for 7 days exact. I had planned my Christmas Holidays already. This time USA. A complete plan of 10 days by our very known Jigris… Arpit and Mahesh.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a Fantastic Trip. Thanks to the Hosts. I love you Arpit, mahesh, Preeti , Dipti and Myra(now).

Also was lucky to meet my Old friend Mr Rajat Saxena. haha.. Old memories just came in live… shared with his precious Single Malt whiskey. Thanks for it mate


We were back to our old house in the same room now to start our daily business of Baby sitting and Noopur’s Office. Here i get a call from Coral Racing ltd about an Open day for interviews for Deputy Retail Managers required for Reading location. I was excited and made it in my mind that i will clear this at what ever stake. January 4th joined coral racing Ltd as deputy retail manager and i knew this is job is my path to buy my Kawasaki Versys 650.

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Things started from here. I was excited to learn kayaking and enrolled my self. haha. I was so happy. G0282456.JPG

Partners in Crime to learn Kayaking

Trips Started to pour as i could now do planning and Spend something on Tours.

First trip – Cantref Adventure Farm

This farm is located at Breacon becon National Park. 2 Hours Drive from London.



From Brecon becon National Park we started our travel to Snodonia Railway station.


SNOWDONIA RAILWAY – which was closed due to bad weather 😦

The Best thing about UK is Drive. Just drive. That’s all… Its has so much wonderful landscapes to show you that you will be mesmerised with it.

During this period i had one more person come from all the way from Delhi India to Reading in UK (Obviously for work). That’s Aman Vijh. My brother, friend and a Motorcycle tourer. Thanks for coming my friend and making my time precious.

His wife is from ISLE of MAN and woh apne sasural gaya tha.
Panner ki sabzi ki party at my home

Second Trip – ISLE of MAN

The pictures will speak for themselves. You can always click to this link to watch our Youtube Video.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Third Trip – Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glassgow, FalKirk and Glenfiddich. 

I have been lucky always. I has my bestest friend in UK thats Alok Kulkarni who used to get ready with one request chal kuthey ??? Thanks Alok…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fourth trip – BATH.

This Trip was quick look out to the most best city in the world. The City called Bath. This city is so beautiful that you should never miss if you are in UK.

The biggest blunder is that we lot all the photos on our phone due to some Virus Issue. regret for the inconvenience.

Fifth Trip  – Windsor Castle

Regret No pictures.

We travelled back to India on June 14 sorry June 13 no we actually reached India on June 15. The longest travel till date. We started from Heathrow London to Hyderabad India on June 12th, but we reached back to Heathrow London due to some issue with the aeroplane. It was a nightmare for us as we had faced a horrendous turbulence on the black sea which made our plane turn back to Heathrow London. This horrifying experience made us wait one more day in London and take another flight the next day. It was a blunder ….. The plane which we boarded next day had some issues with its wing making it delay by 7 hours. We were not allowed get down but to sit inside that plane for 7 hours. All is well when it ends well is true here as we reached Hyderabad on 15th Morning and took our onward flights to Dehradhun and then staying there for 6 days we went to Mumbai.

After returning back to Hyderabad this was the surprise waiting for me.

Kawasaki Versys 650 My dream machine and i was the proud owner of it. All credit goes to my wifey…
Ramesh and his team, Aarif- Chotu probably
Me on the Beast Road invader 2.0

Then came my dream trip to what i feel is the best trip i did till date.

Sixth Trip – 3500 Kms trip south-trip

You can read the blog here

The last trip was to Suryalnka Beach with my wifey and Kid. We enjoyed this trip as this beach is so clean and has a bar next to it. Cool winds, Chilled beer. what else do you need. uhh yesss yess.. wifey and kid required when they travel together.IMG_20161112_172822866.jpg

All in all 2016 year was rocking. I pray to god that 2017 will also be the same.

Life moves when two wheels move.

Happy touring.

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  1. Wow, thank you for mentioning your stay with House of Fisher in Reading, UK during your busy 2016 Ashish, we can see you are having a great time.

    I hope you don’t mind that I have shared this in our Twitter straight away.

    Best of wishes for you and your family.


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