Short Stories – 25th May 2018 – U-turn and fall

Biological Alarm rings at 7:30 am and it starts with a warm water of glass fully gulped, freshened up and I see my brother waking up to ask chai and today’s words of discussion.

“Two more days bro and I will start my 9:00 am to 6:00 pm cycle of life with more brakes of traffic” …..Sic…(he stays in Mumbai)

Today is Friday a very Special day, rather Every Friday is always special, I take my Kawasaki Versys 650 aka Roadinvader 2.0 to the office,

Filled with pride, shoulder upright, tummy tucked and a happy grin on my face I ride the Versys to reach office without the struggle. The eagerly waiting security guards specially Bittu is always there at the gate welcoming the Roadinvader 2.0 with all the eyes pleading to ride it and feel it.

I explain Bittu every Friday, “Sorry brother, it is my second wife, I can’t lend it” but those eyes do tell me that next Friday he will ask me this same question again.

I proceed to the parking lot, Park it and head to my desk for today’s task list. As I see the clock rushing today to its Party pop night in the evening I fire the ignition to start my way home with pride, shoulder upright, tummy tucked and a happy grin on my face.

Well, the emotion sometimes are just shortlived,

While taking a U-turn and within no time the motorcycle is on the ground and you are looking from the top thinking,

How the fuck did this motorcycle fall,

Now I will put down everything that happened step by step,

The fall,

  1. As I see the turn I want to take, I start slowing down the vehicle by reducing the throttle and applying front and rear brakes.
  2. I see the approaching turn and on my left, there is a car which is very near to my motorcycle.
  3. As I approach the U-turn I turn the Handlebar complete right till it locks, tilting the motorcycle to around 25 to 30 Deg from the top.
  4. I have my Left foot on the left Peg and Right foot right in the front to support the tilt.
  5. As I throttle out to U-turn I feel the Car snicked Crash Bar with his right end mirror.
  6. Small disbalance and the rear starts losing traction and starts moving to front sideways.
  7. I immediately cut down the throttle and let go of the motorcycle for the steady fall.
  8. I come out of the situation and see the motorcycle, (no photos as it was an intense situation) to gather courage over the embarrassment of the motorcycle falling over,


Full diagnostics,

Thoughts in the mind observing your body stature, running a full body diagnostics using hands and the results are,

  • No physical damage to the body,
  • Slight bruise in the right calf,
  • Heart pulsating more than normal,
  • Confused emotions.

The motorcycle falls towards the right which means you have the access to the Gear lever but not to brake lever. As I observe the motorcycle I see that from where I was coming in to take the road after the U-turn is at two different heights while the later is above the former. A clear view of this is, the lower road is connected to the upper road using an Incline of Cement filler. I also see a lot of loose gravel over the U-turn. I drag the motorcycle holding the rear wheel to take it out of the incline and come to steady ground. I realize, Its way easier to drag the motorcycle in mud than on cement.

The Lift,

  1. I approach the motorcycle and check the balance of it by placing my bum on the seat and trying to rock it.
  2. Feels Steady I engage the side stand and check the rear wheel to see if it’s in gear.
  3. I place my bum on the seat and grab the handlebar to make the front wheel look towards the ground or opposite to the sky.
  4. With my right Hand, I hold the grab rail.
  5. With my Legs on the right angle position and bum placed on the seat, I start slowing pushing the motorcycle up by moving myself backwards.
  6. the motorcycle is lifted and rested on the side stand.

Run the visual damage diagnostics on my motorcycle. no damage found except scratch marks on the crash bars.

I switch the key ignition to off Position and then to on position to check the fuel pump starting. Find not issues and I start my way back to home sweet home.

Moral of the story: Run the full diagnostics check of your body and motorcycle. Don’t be embarrassed.

Life moves when two wheels move




Short stories -24th May 2018 – Autorickshaw

Biological Alarm rings at 5:45 am and it starts, a warm water a glass full gulped, freshened up and I see my brother waking up to ask chai and today’s words of discussion.

I get ready and start my way by hitching a free ride to office. I got down at Raidurgam junction and hoped into an Indian Autorickshaw filled with people struggling their way to settle inside and swiping their check-in just before that are claimed to be late in office. 


As I try to find my place in our India Auto rickshaw I see the rider adjusting his buttocks welcoming me to accommodate me in that Bombay Square foot area. Feeling happy I turn myself in and adjust praying to almighty that I reach safely to office in time, 

A gentle lady voice is heard stating, Give me your Office bag I will hold it for you, 

Seeing me in the place where she would have never thought of being in as the Bag was hanging on me while I was hanging on the Autorickshaw with the rider having his single butt balance to ride all of us to the office. 

This makes me realize that a good heart is still present in this I don’t care attitude in advance colonies of educated people. Mercy is still there, I wish this woman a good day and good days ahead and may all her problems come with permanent solutions. 

Thanks to the butt balancer Auto rickshaw rider to make me reach office on time.

What did I learn: The smallest of the smallest good gesture engraves a Positive attribute in you. 

Bogotha Waterfalls

Bogotha Waterfalls – ride date 12th November 2017

The ride to go somewhere was itching me and due to family commitments, I had to be present in the home the same day.


I stay in Hyderabad, it’s a place where the geographical changes are minimum, you have hills at minimum 300 kms, water falls at 180 kms. So I sat down thinking what would my tour plan be for tomorrow. Various thoughts came to my mind and I fixed to go to a renowned waterfall in Warangal district that is Bogotha waterfalls,


Bogatha Waterfall - Khammam Image

Image from


I saw some pictures of the Bogotha water falls in the Google and it looked like India Niagara falls. The route is same till Laknavaram but you need to travel further ahead.. 50 kms to reach there.


I started at 5.00 am and was shown by Google maps on the estimated time of arrival was by 9.30 AM. The first 75 kms is double lane and then it turns out to horrendous dangerous single lane under making till Warangal. It is horrendous because the oncoming vehicles do not leave space for the two-wheelers and dangerously steer very near to you in that Narrow road under making till Warangal which takes approximate 3 hours of travel city and that is why I started so early to avoid these moments and crossed Warangal city by 8:30 AM

I had Dosa on the way to satisfy my empty growling stomach


From the city of temples to Bogotha waterfalls is simple Cruze in 80’s till you reach right which shows the way to bogotha waterfalls. Rupees 10 is the entry for the vehicle and 25  rupees per person. Pay at the gate and way you go inside the place to park your vehicle near the falls. It’s a walk of 200 meters from the parking and is handicap friendly.

So what do you see here is this,



The photos below were taken by Moto G4 plus and my handy gopro hero session.


The time spent there was 45 min the authorities there were not allowing me to check the nearby areas as it’s a restricted forest area.


One more view of Bogotha waterfalls.


Next was to plan my way back home using a different route. I normally follow the round route to reach home as it allows me to cover more kms and see other things lined in the route. and this is how it looked.


The plan looked nice and I took this route

After you are out from the Bogothá waterfalls and come on the main road you turn right to head your way to bhopalpatnam in Chattisgarh, enter Telangana thru Maharashtra i.e Kaleshwaram.

Bogota 2.PNG

As I started my journey the roads became narrow and no of villages on the roads started disappearing. After I did approx.. 20 kms I reach out to a mechanic to oil the chain via conventional way of putting oil in the chain and let it dry.

I did this as I knew that the chain looked dry and I was going to cover more than 500 kms today. The mechanic was quite helpful and told me and explained me about the complete route. He said

Then came a surprise, Roads ended and wide path with forest cover on both the sides started. It seemed that this would not be long but I had no one to ask along to where this ends. With a strong heart and commitment and sting feeling of want to do this stretch, I started my way.


The stance on the bike was standing as the pathways were no good and steering your bike was easy this way. There came a small town which was in ruins and it was building up piece by piece.


I got down and asked the person, How is the way till Bhopalpatnam, He Said “The Road are nowhere and more 35 kms is what you have to go”. They showed me the way!!!


The forest went onto be dense, there were diversions all through the way before reaching the point of crossing in Bhopalpatnam.


I cant add videos but Pictures will also make sense here.




Crossing Streams made like this!!!




Make shift bridges made for Winter and summer season. In rains you cannot cross!!!




I reached this city and now, I see one more challenge Kaleshwaram and BhopALPATNAM are divided by River Indravati, but there lies no bridge to connect the cities. A small Boat takes care of the Transfers.


You can check my complete video on youtube here

Bogotha4.pngAfter crossing the river i met Bharat a person who was going to Kaleshwaram , his home ton and was so fascinated by the motorcycle that he insisted me to take him to his hometown.


I could not say no to him and he being pillion we once again on the offroad started our journey to Kaleshwaram.

What did I Learn

  1. Patience is the key.
  2. Genius is not who knows answers to all Questions but Genius is who has patience to get answers to all questions.
  3. Every Road should be Explored gives you mew Experiences.

The river crossing gave me new threshold to take Risks , it also made me know more about my motorcycle. It seems so crazy but yes in feel this ride has opened a new self in me.


Life moves when two wheels move.

Kodachadri – Sayadri hills Range

Six people decide to wander a place which would be a good hangout. Normal discussion in the WhatsApp has now turned into a desperate piece of people who have the itch to ride, but to where is unknown.

kawasaki, duke, versys650, kodachadri, friendship

Normally a small group of general people meets and to plan for a ride and what happens at the end is 99% of the people back out and then there lies one soul left to wander off to that destination. But this time he too thinks to back out as his family thinks its waste to go alone to be a Wanderlust.

Weeks go by, I receive a call from my friend DP, let’s take a leave on Dec 1, which would give us three days of a leisure ride.

Leaves were approved and we were 7 people who turned out successful for the ride.

  • Ashish hedge (myself) on a Versys 650
  • Ishaan vashishta (my bro) on a KTM Duke 390
  • Durga Prasad (DP) on a Kawasaki Z800
  • Avinash Pandey on a Versys 650
  • Sahil Yamaha FZ25
  • Arpan Bose Kawasaki Ninja 650
  • Haseeb Khan Triumph Triumph Speed triple

It was decided to meet at Airport flyover at 5.30 AM on the Bangalore Highway 5.30 am as we Had to ride 795  kms one way which would take approximate 14 hours.

At the Airport Flyover

The route was decided from Hyderabad we will push till Anathapur ->Challakere ->Shimogga ->Kodachadri.

route 1

We had taken our first break after crossing the second toll near Kurnool at 7.45 am at a Dhaba called Taj Palace. Decent and there were no crowds to bother the motorcycles while we were having our breakfast.

Pic credits Avinash pandey

We had Dosa’s, idli’s and Wada’s to make it heavy so that our next break should be directly an early lunch. We discussed our route and decided to stop at the Iskon temple as our exit to the AH 43 highway.


As we had covered the first half of 390 km in 5 hours we were expecting to reach Kodachadri by evening. All the plans that made went haywire when roads from Anantapur to Challakere was covered very slowly.


We were traveling in smaller sections of the roads into smaller towns to villages with no roads. There were absolutely no roads and this went on till 3.00 pm and when we looked back we had covered 110 kms only in last 3.5 hours. We were proceeding at snail space and one of our riders, Avinash having throat infection making him worse by the time he was going to reach Kodachadri.

We had a funny event here where a group of police officers were doing their Check and stopped us. They were so fascinated by the motorcycles that they started checking out out motorcycles instead of Vehicle papers.

We were riding continuously from towns to natives till we reached Challekere by 4.00 pm. everybody was exhausted and we decided to have our lunch. It was usual Egg bhurjee and Dal



We had our lunch where a marrige was taking place and we saw this!!


We started our journey full stomach to take our next chai break at Shimoga which we reached at 7.00 pm.

Kodachadri was still 90 kms ETA 10.30 pm.

Simha farms were our chosen stay option which was booked well in advance two rooms two nights 12000 including breakfast. Please find details of the stay below

Find us at

Simha Farms, Madodi, Hosanagar, Shimoga, Karnataka-577452

Call us at: +91 9449652173 and +91 8185253738

Everybody was dead tired and Aditya from Simha farms was kind enough to keep the delicious dinner ready. The dinner was authentic Karnataka cuisine and the tired riders just loved it. After having the meal everybody pushed off to their rooms for a good night sleep.

We had one day to spend in Kodachadri and there are many places to visit

  • Hiddlumane waterfalls
  • Kodachadri peak (lovely place of camping)
  • Arasinhagundi Waterfalls

I had other things in mind and just wandered off to explore the areas in Kodachadri, I was accompanied by other three fellow riders Arpan, Ishaan, and Sahil. We reached a point called as Kottemane Hole,



In Kottemane Hole In Kannada means Water stream and I knew if we were able to Trek here we will be able to find some species lonely streams and peace.

We were four like-minded people who wandered off and started our Trek, It was dense very dense, we really had to watch every step to ensure we do not step on to a snake.


There were trees fallen, shred leaves, water droplets dancing on the leaves. The scene was lovely you just need to go there to experience it. Words do no justice



We wandered till 2.00 pm and started our way back to our Stay in Simha farms. As the lunch was being served and the BANGALORE VERSYS group reached. Avi, Haseeb, and DP had too wandered to some other place and reached for lunch at the same time.



The Bakar session went on till 4.00 pm and BANGALORE VERSYS group decided to leave back to where they had come from. Add to this our jeep to conquer KODACHADRI PEAK had arrived. Myself, Ishaan, and Sahil decided to do this peak on our motorcycle.

IMG-20171204-WA0009.jpgWe went off and reached the gate from where the ascent begins. The ascent is through a restricted forest area and the roads are carved out with boulders and loose mud. The difficulty rating is three out of five to do this stretch. The gradient is steep and lose rocks make it difficult.


The Versys has its first fall on a hairpin bend and my mirror broke. Thanks to our fellow riders who were in the jeep, they quickly slipped out and lifted my motorcycle. I started my journey to ascend the peak and after 6 hairpin bends, I decided not to take further as it would be foolish to bring this heavyweight downhill in pitch dark.

I hopped into the jeep but then a flash in my mind that Sahil had already gone. After few turns, we saw Sahil waiting for the two motorcycles but was surprised to see us in the jeep. I said to Sahil, don’t lose you can do ‘tis stretch and we are there with you. We asked him to follow us and we started filming him.

There is additional 900 mtr approx. approx. climb to the peak. We all reached took selfies timelapse of the SunSet and we started over way back to our stay.

The most horrible thing happened. Sahil fell and hurt his palm in the fall, I took over and did the remaining descend to where we had parked our bikes. I learned a few things

  • Look first choose the best path and take it
  • Be slow and patient
  • One turn by turn
  • Go to the far end Right if you are taking a left hairpin bend and then steer to your left. You will come out Successfully. Same case for right hairpin bend
  • Leave the handlebar light, Don’t grip them tightly, the bike will steer itself to traction and lead the way
  • Do Kodachadri peak accent and decent in broad daylight. Never do it at night
  • Last Bhagwankanaam Lo

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We had finished by 8.30 pm and reached our Stay at 9.00 PM. Finished our dinners and headed back to rooms for a good night sleep.

Planning was done for return and we started our journey back to Hyderabad at 8.00 am.


Route 2.PNG

We had split into two groups Avi Haseeb and DP and the second group myself, Ishaan, Arpan, and Sahil.

We celebrated Arpan Bose happy Birthday in a Dhaba by shouting birthday jingles. It was a Great ride.


We reached home by 2.00 am covering 1518 Kms.


Lite moves when two wheels move.

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Youtube Video Part 1

Gandikota – you need to see to believe it!!!

You bought a Versys and you have done two long rides of 4000 km each, the last ride was in January and its already 8 months itching for a same kind of ride.


With the itch missing that pain in the butt I started planning my ride to somewhere which would have good roads and as well some beautiful places to see.

I was just checking my Instagram and a Photo that really stayed with me was the Canyons of Gandikota or also knows Grand Canyon of India, Gandikota.


Next thing that I did was to open the Google map and check out the number of Kms from Hyderabad to Gandikota, it was just 700 km to and fro and I know I wanted to do some more. I chalked out a way through Nalamalla forest reaching Giddalur enjoying the off country roads and twists that Nalamalla forest was to offer. To add to my excitement it showed a  Total 967 km on Google map.


Well, the next best thing to excite would be turned in to a Camping trip like Sipping a hot coffee out of your tent on the canyons of Gandikota making it more memorable and bringing in a new experience.

Image result for camping trip[ funny image

As this was going to be my first time to try to root a tent on the ground, make food and sit back and relax, My bro Kaustubh came to rescue and said I also join.


Where to find a tent on rent- Google has really made our lives very easy, Within minutes I connected to Naresh who quoted me 275 rupees per day for tent and I agreed on even if it sounded expensive because I knew this is an operating cost and not a capital asset to me.(recently learnt these words)

The plan was chalked out by first visiting the Malella thirthum waterfalls which fall underway, then Nemaligundla waterfall by afternoon and reaching Gandikota by evening.

September 01-2017

We started with a big goof up, I ordered a Tent, 2 Sleeping bags, Lamp, and two floor mats but the tenting guys just delivered tent,  Lamp, and two mats but no sleeping bags, I was in the mind that sleeping bags are necessary and it would be delivered only by 10.30 in the night and we had to start our trip by 4.00 in the morning.  It was delivered a late night to Kaustubh and after receiving confirmation from him I went off to sleep by 11.30. I dont like when my sleep is deprived on a day before my ride.

Sept 02-2017,

3.00 clock in the morning the alarms went off to start the day with packing all my stuff and I was ready by 3.30 to set up the following things in my bag,

  1. A pan
  2. First aid box,
  3. Bedsheet
  4. 2 pairs of clothes
  5. Towels and toiletries
  6. Cain lube and clean,
  7. Puncture kit and air pump
  8. Tent
  9. Rubber Mat

Packed all  the above stuff in Giant loop bag supplied by Motousher ( and I was off to go when I receive a call from Kaustubh that he will not be able to carry the sleeping bags as they are quite big,

Photos of  1/1 by Ashish Hegde

Packing all my stuff in Giant loop supplied by Motousher

We i.e Sahil and Kaustubh had decided to reach the Wells Fargo meeting point by 4.15 in the morning which was now going to get delayed if I had to visit Kaustubh to pack the sleeping bags on my bike and then start off.

I packed all the stuff on the bike and tightened it with bungee cords and pushed off to Kaustubh place at 4.00 AM to pick the sleeping bags.

Camping, trekking, motorcycle

The Camping trip in making – Packing stuff on motorcycle

Reaching Kaustubh place saw him still getting ready and I was sweating inside which made me irritated and  I don’t like this last minute change of plans and he knew he if he says any word now I would blast at him. He made sure that everything was done is a wink of an eye and started to our common meeting point at 4.30 AM.

We reset our Odos and started off to meet Sahil at the discussed meeting point and reached there by 4.45 AM

At the meeting point, Sahil observed that the Engine lamp of his Z800 is not going off even after riding. I requested him not to take any risk and if he could to bring his new Yamaha FZ250 to the ride to ensure he enjoys his ride.

Seeing this I and Kaustubh pushed off to the airport and told him we will be waiting at the start of the srisailum highway till he rejoins us with his new Bike.


We reached the end point of Airport road and waited there for 20 min and saw Sahil joining us at 5.50 AM.

With no time more to lose, we started to head our ways to the first point i.emalellathirthum waterfall.

189 km showing from Hyderabad we expected to reach there by 8.30 as targeted previously to reach by 7.00 am.  we reached Malella Thirthum by 8.10 which was pretty decent as the roads were nice, no traffic and it was a Nonstop run from the last point that made us reach soon.

To reach this waterfall is by taking left after you ascend the Nalamlla forest hills towards srisailum and when you see a board showing 50 km more to Srisailum is where you have to take left to reach this place. The approaching part to this viewpoint is a 22 km trail road made of soft gravel. The video below gives you an idea of how the road is. Its approx 16 km of trail road to cover and reach this point.

waterfallmallelathirthum, waterfall,

Mallela Thirthum waterfall approach road status

After reaching this point total of 365 steps to be taken down the hill to reach this beautiful waterfall. The Mallela thirthum waterfall is known for its beauty as it lies amidst thick forest and the way it looks. The pictures below will justify the looks.



We had some tomato Bread that we carried with us and a tomato was supplied by the locals there. We really enjoyed it as we were very hungry and the heat was already taking a toll on us. the 365 steps down.



Cold water droplets

We spent time for about 45 min taking rest and started our way back climbing the not so maintained steps towards our motorcycles. We were exhausted and dehydrated with jackets on us and Sun rising high wet weather becoming from cooler to warmer.

Rest is what i need

After 230 kms of ride and you see a bench near waterfall.

We started our journey to Nemali Gundla waterfalls at 10.00 AM and stopped for chai. We checked the timings and as per our plan, we had to reach Gandilota fort by evening so that we can have some time for cooking and setting up the tent.

We decided to skip Nemali gundla visit and start afresh direct to Gandikota,

Crazy leans, lovely green surrounding, well-marked black tarred roads and the cool breeze is what you get when you pass the Nalamalla forest via Gidaalur towards Gandikota. The roads are just made so good that you would love to redo that stretch and enjoy everything once again.

Gandikota was showing 16 kms and we had reached Jammalmagadu a small town which is the nearest to the Gandikota fort and you can get everything here from wood to food. We collected everything needed and started to gandikota fort.


I had seen in pictures before riding there that the fort is massive and the fort is built around the Gandikota gorge which makes it look more beautiful. While we were entering the Gandikota fort in the evening at 7.00 thoughts were running in my mind that it’s already dark, finding a place for camping going to be tough and we will have to investigate our surrounding meticulously because we do want to be a bait for the creature present there.

We analyzed the surrounding and found a place in the which looked perfect to set our tent and start dinner.


Now, who is going to set up the tent? Now the basics of setting up a tent were required which we did not have, We had this tent laid out in the dark figuring out what these long rods do and where do they go so that the would look like a tent. I hope you guys understand what I am trying to say. We had never set up a tent, We did not know how to do it, We were in pitch dark looking at the tent, trying to figure what should we do and it was a chaos as we were hungry within and minds were tried with tent not showing its shape.


Alas eureka and we get it, we got the Tent to how it would look like when its a fully formed tent by holding it and then we slowly put all the puzzle together to form the tent. aaaah a sigh of relief otherwise we shiting to sleep on the rocks that night with the open sky above us was not a good option with all the insects and rains expected that would help keep awake whole night.


We lit the fire using petrol and had our delicious dinner and went off to sleep, with a loud thunder we all woke up to realize after that it was going to rain and all our gear was lying outside.


We moved major stuff inside the tent and other things are packed in a waterproof bag. Thanks to god I was carrying my Giant loop bag which is completely waterproof.

September 03-2017

5.48 Am was the sunrise, the time had come to see the Gandikota gorge in the sunrise, to capture the time-lapse moment of the sunrise and enjoy the beautiful views it had to offer.


Words tend to be less to describe the beauty of it, it’s only when u experience it is when you have the special feeling about it.

With smiles on our faces, we returned to our tents and started packing our stuff on motorcycles.

Belum Caves,

The Belum Caves is the largest and longest cave system open to the public on the Indian subcontinent, known for its speleothems, such as stalactite and stalagmite formations, underground cave system was formed over the course of tens of thousands of years by the constant flow of underground water.


it’s very humid inside and you tend to sweat a lot inside the caves, so be hydrated before you start your exploration in Belum caves. Guides are free but they will ask you a tip at the end. The guides are locals and they show you all the important locations inside the cave which takes around 2 hours finish looking inside the cave.


guides will show you Indian Bats that are in the cave which is hanging upside down on the walls of the cave. not much of attraction to me though. \

Then started our return journey to home, 370 km of mixed roads till Kurnool and super fast plush roads from Kurnool to Hyderabad. We had our lunch in Kurnool and I started to feel sleepy while riding. I had done approx 50 km slowly and way ahead I could see my bro waiting. He too was feeling sleepy. We chit chatted for 10 min and started, it was 150 km from there and we did that in flat 90 min. second fastest run for us after our Rajasthan ride.


We reached out home safely by 6.30. We got freshened and reached OTM straightway to celebrate this ride with beer.

All the best guys, keep riding and enjoy, be safe.

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“Where should i go” these three words were continuously crossing in my mind. I needed a tour to be as big as my south India tour. Closed my eyes and pin pointed my fingers on the India map. To my surprise it was on Jaipur. “Padharo Maro desh” hahahah I knew from the start I am going to love this tour. .

I had to chalk out a plan which would be very ease to do and we could see as many places in short span of time. My leaves were approved from Jan 7th 2017 to 15th Jan 2017. So just over 8 days is what I had to spend time in #padharomarodesh. The plan should cost me less and see more, So I decided to use mine, my wife’s air-miles to check if I can get free tickets to fly, My payback point to check if I could book hotels free of cost, Stay at hostels with cheap rates/night.

I took help of Guru from Pune who had done the Rajasthan circuit in December and Ariz chinoy who had done Rann of Kutch. I chalked out the plan by now and it looked like this…


The above trip as per Google was 3500 Kms and check my odometer after trip got completedimg_20170116_024601840

The motorcycles were done packing on 1st Jan 2017 and sent to Jaipur Via Jaipur express which ply’s only on Mondays from Hyderabad. It’s now very easy to load the motorcycles in train as there are authorised agents (fixed commission based on luggage) available at the station who have been allotted luggage boogies. How do you find an authorised agent hmmm…. that’s a question which I am bound to answer and this is what is did, “talking personally at the parcel ticket counter  and asked them who does a better job and who is authorised for Jaipur”. They will give you the details of the all the authorised agents available at the counter. You can pick any one of them and do the booking. Previously there were agents who used to charge horrendous amount to take luggage, they were not authorised agents. Beware of them!!!

Well the Motorcycles have reached Jaipur and now waiting for us to to come and show them whats in Rajasthan.

This State in India is full of colours and beautiful roads which make the journey wow to awesome. The excitement was increasing day by day.

All packing done and I call up my mate Kaustubh that “I have booked the taxi”. The taxi arrives and reaching his office , I make a call asking him, come to gate number three, He said “wait I said I am I working from home today”, hmmmmmm, I was like Holy Shit!!! A (abb kya pause moment ) So Kaustubh says, “ You wait, I will come, I will be there in Top 5 min…By god’s grace My FZS motorcycle was with him and he came on it and we started at last to the Airport after facing such hustle and confusion.. We started our journey on 6th Jan to Delhi and from Delhi to Jaipur via Train. Expensive fares from Hyderabad to Jaipur on flight discouraged us and we decided to rather go to Delhi in Rs 3300 flight and 260 rupees to Jaipur Via Train.


Reaching Airport our flight was delayed by one hour due to fog in Delhi. Delays continued collecting our checked in luggage at Delhi . Well the good news was our train from gurugram was running late by 2 hours, so we had additional time to have dinner at the Subway and 2 pints beer.

We reached Jaipur railway station in the morning and collected our motorcycles, unpacked,loaded our accessories and they were ready to tour to Rajasthan. You can see the youtube link here about how we unpacked our motorcycles at Jaipur Railway station.

We had booked our Hotel The theme in Jaipur which was available at decent price. Price was 1421 for three people – address – Near B2 Bypass, Tonk road, Sita Bari – Jaipur.

Jaipur is a Beautiful city. The new Jaipur is so clean with wide roads and wowsome architecture that you will fall love with the City. The temperatures whole day were pleasant and being winter it quite tolerable. Suggest you not to plan Jaipur after End of Feb as it become too hot during the days and pleasant at nights.  We were going to meet my senior in college Mr Bhaskar kalia. A great man by heart, He took a holiday from his work and showed us Jaipur. Thanks sir.

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The Poser


The Online fool


On the way to Jaigarh Fort




Chalna be!!!

Jaipur’s main Attractions are

  • Hawa Mahal
  • City palace
  • Amer Fort
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Nahagarh Fort
  • Raj mandir Cinema
  • Jaigarh Fort
  • Albert Hall Musem

I will not be posting any of the pictures as you can check out my youtube channel for the Jaipur video.

The Single day for Jaipur, It made me asking to stay more but I had other plans ahead which was another beautiful place known as Jaisalmer. Jaipur to Jaisalmer (560 kms ) with decent and bad roads. We start late around 11.00 am.

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The leisure riding to Jaisalmer took 14 hours. We were stopping for photos and enjoying the desert views. The last section of 130 kms was bad and was under construction. We stayed at Hotel Fort Side whose terrace views at night were like this!!!


The jaws dropped, the tiredness vanished, what a fort it is!! also known fact of this fort is that it’s inhabited by 700 Families which were giving accommodations inside the fort. There was a City inside this fort.

Next day was planned for Tanot Mata mandir and the war front where Pakistani Army came to invade us, The Longewala. We decided to start early morning and as soon as we came out at 6.00 am we saw nothing but dense Fog. Waste of time this really irritates me. With no choice left, we were back in our beds and  started at 10.00 am again when the fog was nearly clear.

The road to Tanot Mata is well marked and Smooth. Approx 120 kms can be reached in 2 hours. We took more than that as we were stopping taking pictures.

The roads from Tanot to Longewala are Small narrow road carved through the desert. You have to be careful as to oncoming vehicle like cars and busses take the complete road and leave no space to let you pass. It was no worries for us as we were slow and enjoying the surrounding.

 We started our return journey from Longewala at around 4.00 pm and on the way back we took a detour which lead to a dried lake bed. The lake bed was dry hard and worth the off-roading that we did. Kaustubh touched speeds of 100 kmph on that which made me worry as in my mind I don’t want to fall here. This was a wrong feeling which I had and was not able to enjoy much.  But it was fun there, we wanted to do more, as sun was setting in we started our way back to Hotel in Jaisalmer.

In  Jaisalmer our stay was from 8-Jan-17 to 9-jan-2017 with”Bed & Breakfast for a Private room

Address:Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001, India : Message Host  ·+91 8769 210 051″ (ALLADIN) In Jaisalmer These are following attraction you can cover.

  • Jaisalmer Fort – you can ride in this fort using two wheeler and check out the narrow lanes and colorful people there.
  • Sam Sand dunes – you can opt for Camping at Sam sand dunes from the range 2000 to 7000 rs per night based upon tent which includes night stay, Dinner, Camel ride, and probably breakfast.
  • Gadi Sagar lake – In Jaisalmer
  • Salim Singh ki haveli In Jaisalmer
  • Patwa Ki haveli – In Jaisalmer
  • Longewala
  • Tanot Mata mandir
  • Border Pillar 609 (Special permission from JAISALMER BP post to be applied with RC Xerox and ID card)


Next morning we started to Jodhpur

  Well this is how it looked at 10.00 am in the morning.


We were like holy f%^K Jodhpur 280 kms will be trouble …. Well this fog issue was there till 12.00 noon but we started our journey slowly covering 60 kms in one hour. The speeds were slow but we knew it better to be safe than sorry.


The Jodhpur part would be exciting as we had booked Flying fox zip lining over the mehrangadh fort.

  • Mehrangarh Fort – This fort is so huge that it took us 3 hours inside. 120 Rupees entry for Indians.
  • Kaylana Lake – could not visit, Check google for photos
  • Taj palace hotel – could not visit, Check google for photos
  • OM Banna Bike temple – could not visit, Check google for photos

Jodhpur – Stay   10-Jan-17 at Gouri Heritage Haveli (Guest House) Address: Sharif Chowk,Laykan mohalla near clock tower,Jodhpur City, Phone: 02912644099 Email:” Price: 2315

Jodhpur to Udaipur was quite boring part. There are straight roads and just straight road..Wait… what…. No it not that.. U cross like hundred villages in this route,

This where you can see the mount ABU range starting. The mountains are beautiful, will be mesmerised with the change in landscapes from desert to mountains and back to Salt deserts.

We reached Udaipur by 2.00 pm and it was late … We had to see so many places in Udaipur and also we were tired as we had done 2000 kms in last four days.

  • City Palace
  • Lake Pichola
  • Lake Palace
  • Jag mandir-At Udaipur, dont miss to have dinner at Jagmandir (in the middle of the lake)(like if u can afford it) .
  • Ambrai Ghat – U can have a look at Lake Pichola and lake Palace together
  • Vintage Classic Car Museam – is boring
  • Mansapurna karni Rope Way – if you do flying fox at jodhpur this is nothing.
  • Udaipur Solar Observatory is in the middle of the lake
  • Kumbalgarh- huge fort, minimum 3 hours.
  • Ranakpur – JAIN Temple

In Udaipur we stayed at Backpacker Panda- Hostel stay Backpacker Panda Lake Fatehsagar, Udaipur, Plot no 6, LalBapu ki wadi, near fatehsagar lake. Dewali., Phone number: +91 91 723 13 994 Trip details: Backpacker Panda Udaipur-A/C 8 Bed Mix Dorm.

Udaipur to Rann of Kutch and Back to Hyderabad we were just riding. Riding and riding. We had to cover 2300 kms in 4 days with sigh seeing.

We started from at 5.00 am and it was dam cold. It was showing 6 Deg and we started our ride to rann of kutch. We stopped at a chaiwala after 70 Kms with shivering cold and numb hands. We just could not tolerate the cold. It was windy and it was cold which made it a bad combination.

Well as the sunlight was making its way through the mountains we could feel its warmth and slowly increasing our speeds towards Rann of Kutch. It was long straight 6 lane highways which made it look like a cake walk but also made us doze. The 2200 kms done till date tiredness was showing it signs while reaching rann. We reached rann meeting my old friend midway who had come all the way from Pune – My dear Amit dubey… U are still the same and thanks for coming.

The booking at Rann Utsav was waste of money completely as there were families around us who used to see us as unruly people of the society. The foods were average, and were the tents. We learnt this hard way that do not invest your money in expensive accommodation if you are on a trip on your motorcycle.  The 100 Pipers came to our help for those two nights. The biggest blunder was Rann of Kutch and this is what happened with us. We were not allowed to take our motorcycles in the white desert due to some issues which were faced by BSF two days back when a HOG rally and Bulleteres were doing this White desert.

Well this was discouraging and made me frustrated and unhappy, For the first time I felt the whole trip will go waste if we could not do this. Well when it’s decided it will not happen it doesn’t, we weren’t allowed on 14th morning also.

Well the frustration was pounding making me feel disgusted. I was shouting inside my helmet for what had happened. I felt down and didn’t know what to do. Kaustubh My bro stopped me seeing I was riding weird. He said… lets wait and discuss this out.

After some time I could cool myself and we started out journey back to home Hyderabad.

It was 1690 kms to be covered in two days and we knew that if we cover maximum kms on the first day we would be able to do the Mumbai Hyderabad section easily.

We crossed Ahmadabad but the journey looked harder. We were feeling exhausted due to continuous traffic, Sun showing its heat and our minds continuously at work for overtakes and Speed runs. The traffic increased by the day due to Kite festival Utran in Gujarat. There were dangerous instances where a Swift had come very near to us honking continuously. We were doing speeds of 120 and the swift guy was frightening us with his weird overtakes. The roads were getting messier and hard to judge and if we were to ride more further we were surely not going to make another 130 kms to Mumbai. So we stopped at Vapi to rejuvenate our energies and ride further.

We woke up by 5.00 am started out to cover the remaining distance of 900 kms to Hyderabad with stops at my home in Mumbai for some time. We reached my home at 9.00 am and started to Hyderabad at 11.00 am. We crossed pune with great difficulty, it was HOT, ridiculous City traffic and I hate doing Mumbai Hyderabad because there is no BYPASS for Pune. Well as soon as we crossed city limits in Pune we stopped for delicious lunch at 3.30. Targeted to hit Sholapur by 7.00 PM and took the kalburgi pargi route to Hyderabad. The zaheerabad Solapur route is fucked and is under construction. Don’t ever attempt to do this route.

We reached Hyderabad by 2.00 am. The last 60 kms which was done with most difficulty, firstly riding in night, Second I had crossed my limit of Riding till 9.00 Pm and go to sleep. Third we had done 600 kms in heavy traffic and another 330 kms in single lane bad roads with stars twinkling above our helmets.

We reached yes, we reached safely.

Happy riding

Life moves when two wheels move

10 best ways to ride a motorcycle in India (City Specific)


India is a lovely place and I like it because it gives you a lot to learn. It’s so diverse with people, culture, geography and climate that you tend to learn every time, everywhere.

Indian National highways have always been one of the most talked about in every forum and how to ride on them; I could not find any blog to help our fellow motorcycle travellers who pass city during their tours in peak hours.

First of all, leave your riding skills that you use on the highways, city riding is a different ball game with full of surprises and idiotic heads. Remember there are those curious wannabe bikers that would follow you and try to be as near to complete their observation of you from top to bottom. They try to analyse what you are up to and where you are going? They will also try to ask this question while on the go. Normally thrown questions are, what’s this? Where are you heading? How much mileage?

Just Ignore and ride on.  I have jotted down some facts below for you to follow this on Indian Roads which is City/town Specific.

1. You are always a Beginner

Beginner tends to be always cautious over his moves, Is Alert over the moves of others and keeps a clear view and analyses everything in short span of time. He is cautious to avoid any mishap or anything else.

motorcycle riding tips


Howsoever skilled you are, while riding in city you will have those morons who are partially inspired by Valentino Rossi and CS Santosh that they jump on the road, take those surprise turns rights or left without giving any indication to the world as though they work under some secret service.

Simply follow one rule, be slow, steady and be on constant lookout of these morons(to knock them out- Just kidding). Avoid speeding, that’s the golden rule.

2. Always keep to your Left

Motorcycle riding tips in India

Always keep to your left

In India the driving rule is LEFT. So remember when you see traffic jam ahead just start riding to your extreme left. This will help you to squeeze through the traffic jam and reduce your wait time.

3. Don’t jump red signals

These rules are applicable in Cities and never break this rule. If you tend to see other people breaking the rule, let them do it as they know they will not be caught (applicable in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur etc).

Motorcycle riding tips in India


Be cautious and go with the flow. In cities like Ahmadabad nobody follows rule in City roads. There was an incident which till hovers in my mind. My fellow motorcyclist was injured as he was hit by a car from the behind because he stopped at the red signal and the one behind did not stop. Follow rules that’s all.

4. Squeeze

Motorcycle riding tips

if the Handle fits in, you are through

In cities like India, the lanes may be smaller and there may be oncoming traffic also. Learn the art to squeeze. Just check your handle bar ends, if that fits in, just go with it. You will see how your motorcycle just squeezes through the traffic.

5. Cutting lanes


Stupid Pic… Its not even related to Lane cutting

In cities especially during traffic jam, lane cutting is normal to be ahead. I really don’t advise it but this is done when you have the overall traffic moving slowly. Cut lanes so that you squeeze through the traffic and reach out of the city sooner.

6. Look ahead


Always look ahead and don’t look down. You are better in your judgement when you look ahead and perform corrective actions needed during your city journey. Looking ahead will give you confidence to take decisions and perform those tight squeezes easily.

7. Panic Braking

This is an art which can be learnt easily due to morons on the road here in India. You will have those balls in mouth moments where the traffic in front just stops abruptly because of some random person crossing the road with a raised hand.


Photo by Motofuzz

This happens to me like every day. Now the crux of this is that you learnt the Panic braking technique and you got practice sessions every now and then. So I recommend you to keep those wheels under you slow and steady and stay alert always.

8. Wrong side Commuters


Yes, it’s there. You will find morons coming at speeds with their headlight ON telling “Dude take care of yourself I am occupying this section and I am travelling on wrong side of the traffic.” Pity that they are fined and punished but still they will start doing the same thing again and again.

9. Cyclists, Snail commuters

Motorcycle riding tips

Snail commuters

You will not find snails here in the city but you will find those crawlers crawling in the middle of the road. They may be thinking the next big thing to do and loose all the conscious that they are actually travelling and going too slow. The only way is switch ON that High Alert mode and keep checking ahead. They normally come out of nowhere and you realise that you noticed them only after the Car in front of you just overtook them.

10. Be Alert on Intersections.

Motorcycle riding tips

U turn

You don’t find a roundabout here in India. There are these give way medians which people use for taking U-turns.

Screen Shot 20151218 at 4.17.45 PM.jpg

People normally don’t slow and don’t look out of oncoming traffic and just start taking U turn. So it your responsibility to have a look and stop.

Happy riding

Life moves when two wheels move