Gandikota – you need to see to believe it!!!

Plan your trip to Gandikota, The great Indian Canyon. This blog will tell you how to plan your essentials to Camp in the Gandikota Fort and live to see the beaituful Gandikota Gorge at Sunrise.

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“Where should i go” these three words were continuously crossing in my mind. I needed a tour to be as big as my south India tour. Closed my eyes and pin pointed my fingers on the India map. To my surprise it was on Jaipur. “Padharo Maro desh” hahahah I knew from the start I […]

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Year 2016

The 2016 year has been my favourite. I was able to travel many places in this small period of 12 months. It was by train, car, motorcycle, Aeroplane and on my foot. These trips have changed me and my way of dealing lot many things in Life. First trip was travel to London on October […]

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The Phone Man – Road Rage

Today’s Ride to office was most disturbing for me personally. I have been a cautious rider always and follow rules meticulously. I also promote it by asking my colleagues and friends to follow basic traffic rules such as wear a basic helmet when you ride your two wheeler to work. The day started normally with […]

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